About Us

1-BioPhoto2Reverend Claire Luft the founder of Sacred Kingdom Essences and Heart’s Singing Healing Center HeartsSinging.com is an Initiatied Rising Star Practitioner and Teacher, Initiated More Truth Will Set You Free Instructor and Faciliator of The Karnak Initiations into the White Gold Brotherhood Sisterhood of Light. She also has been initiated as a full Adept, Teacher, Guide and Celtic Shaman Ritual Master through the Mystery School lineage. Claire is a certified Teacher of Divine Intervention, Light Language, Universal Kabbalah a professional Channel and more.
Claire has spent much of her adult life in the wellness and healing fields since obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Wellness. She has also completed extensive work in the expressive therapy arts. She is also the mother of a beautiful daughter Larah Angelika. 

Claire’s extensive experience as a Teacher and Healer and years of alchemical instruction from Master Merlin has lead her to develop this line of unique essences and products. 

“I devote my life to serving God in the highest way that is possible”Claire says. “I began doing healing work so that I could help people connect with the deepest places within their hearts, live their highest dreams and having wonderful fulfilling lives and to feel one with God . I believe the nature of the Universe is expansion, and when we live our highest dreams, it manifests even higher dreams. As we raise our consciousness, it raises the consciousness of those around us and of the planet.”