©copyright Wendy Andrews
©copyright Wendy Andrews

Welcome to Sacred Kingdom Essences where you will experience an increased sense of wonderment and awe as the gateways into other kingdoms and realms open through our magickal products.

Our products will assist in accelerating your spiritual development , path of wellness and ascension into oneness with All that Is. They will enable you to experience a truly magickal and blessed reality.

Our essencessprays and other products will assist you in experiencing and accessing Kingdoms beyond that hold information for helping this planet restore itself back into the paradise it is. 
Also we invite you to visit Rev. Claire Luft’s Healing Center website at  www.HeartsSinging.com
Claire Lufts path of spiritual development has led her to study with Master Teachers across the globe. Her experience and expertise as a teacher and healer, as well as direct teachings from Master Merlin have led her on an alchemical journey to offer these profound and unique products. All have an extremely high vibration and are lovingly prepared utilizing advanced energetic techniques. All products are prepared in a powerful higher dimensional vortex of love and light utilizing Dimensional virtues/mastery, Advanced Sacred Geometry, Sacred Prayer , High Vibrational Magickal Frequencies and More. Each essence has its own unique alchemical energetic “recipe”. The products are then brought through a unique process of stepping the energy down, so that they have a physical plane effect as well as a spiritual, mental and emotional one. Each essence is infused by various Masters of Light, Angels and Devic beings all under the direction of Master Merlin. Sacred Kingdom Essences work on all levels of ones being to bring about positive change and transformation They are completely safe, and do not conflict with anything else that you may be taking. All essences and sprays use a high concentration of Dr. Emoto’s Indigo water, a higher vibrational structured water and distilled water. The water acts as a recording medium absorbing the intended energetic vibrations “Everything I have learned throughout my various lifetimes has led me to create Sacred Kingdom Essences and for this I give my gratitude to the Universe/Mother Father God.” 

Our mission is to assist humanity in transforming illusional and negative energies into love and truth and to create heaven on earth. “I feel that heaven on earth starts by creating a heavenly reality for ourselves by focusing on the needs and desires of the soul. Through that fulfillment on deep levels we can send energy out into the planet and others can learn from our example and shift in our very presence.”